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Ardyne | Casing Removal

Predator can perform single, dual, and triple casing string section milling, as well as pilot milling & burnishing casing ID's or under-reaming to exact requirements. Available for casing sizes 7"-30" OD the Predator employs a modular design which maximizes operational functionality, whilst reducing the number of tools required.

Endura® Dual-String Section Mill - YouTube

The Endura® Dual-String Section Mill (DSSM) mills both inner and outer casing strings in plug-and-abandonment (P&A) operations. By completely removing casing...

Endura Dual String Section Mill | Weatherford

• Milling 9 5/8- to 13 5/8-in. (244- to 346-mm) casing strings and long casing sections Features and Benefits • The Endura dual-string section mill (DSSM) enhances the efficiency of P&A operations by milling both inner and outer casing strings. • The DSSM has two stabilizers for optimal milling performance.

Optimising Depth Selection on Section Milling Operation to ...

By combining all the logs and reservoir data, the milling interval was selected and the section milling and subsequent cement plug operations were performed. Evaluation of existing open-hole and cased-hole logs provided geological and petrophysical insights which were useful in determining the hydrocarbon source charging the B-annulus.

K-Master - Schlumberger

The K-Master section mill is a hydraulic downhole tool ideal for milling casing to set rock-to-rock well abandonment cement plugs. All cutter arms are dressed with tungsten carbide inserts that, along with the multiblade design, provide maximum footage and high ROP. When combined

Hydraulic cutting equipment and mills in Arbroath and Scotland

Pioneer Oil Tools Ltd is based near Arbroath and available worldwide. From mills and hole openers to hydraulic casing cutters contact Pioneer Oil Tools Ltd for all your cutter and milling requirements. Call +44 (0) 1241 877 776. [email protected].


Drillstar hydraulic casing cutter is designed to cut away a complete section of casing or liner. It is a dependable, rugged tool, easy to operate and maintain in the field. The cutting blades, lodged in the body, are expanded by mud pressure and can cut multiple concentric strings of casing quickly and safely.

Dual Casing Section Mill. Jmos 2in1 designs - YouTube

Well Decommissioning and intervention design concept. Two tool designs. 2 phases. Two trips. 2 windows. ...

Fishing Tools & Services Catalog

The casing backoff tool facilitates backoff of uncemented casing stumps at a selected coupling location downhole after a section has been cut and retrieved. The tool is effective in vertical or horizontal wells. The tool features nine subassemblies, including two hydraulic anchors and a torque generator. The hydraulic

Catch Fishing | Specialist in Fishing, Milling and ...

The removal of a section of Casing prior to side-tracking is now a simpler, faster and more reliable process. Catch Fishing Services Section Mill utilises the latest advanced Milling Technology, as well as allowing the highest pump rates in the industry. Under normal downhole conditions these two features will allow high casing removal rates.


through this inner casing to the open section. The hydraulic stabilizers expand inside the 13 3/8-in. outer casing string centralizing the tool. The full-gauge cut-out blades with built-in stabilizer cut a window in the casing. On a second trip, milling blades are deployed to mill the remainder of the section needed to prepare the rock-to-rock ...

Wellbore Fishing & Rental Tools

Whipstock System (Hydraulic & Mechanical & Open Hole) P&A / Section Milling. Marine Cutter. Modular Section Mill. Dual Section Mill (Section-In-Section)*. Wellbore Cleanup Tools. Vacuum Type Debris Recovery Tool ("EVE" Tool) Gravel Pack Screen Recovery. One-Trip Washover System ("Eliminator")

Integrated Milling, Underreaming Approach Streamlines …

milling and underreaming steps in a single dedicated bottomhole assembly to achieve the remediation operation in one trip. The approach incorporates a bridge plug kit, a section mill, a hydraulic downhole tool specially designed for milling casing to set rock-to-rock well abandonment cement plugs, and an underreamer to

Archer Section Mill

Archer Section Mill Efficient & Reliable Section Milling The Archer Section Mill is a hydraulic activated tool for cutting and milling casing strings typically for sidetracking or casing removal, or in P&A operations requiring a rock-to-rock isolation. – Rugged and simple piston actuated design for ease of operation and maintenance

Section Milling - Wellbore Integrity

Section Milling Hydraulically actuated Mill ROCK TO ROCK P&A SOLUTION The K-Master section mill is a hydraulic downhole tool ideal for milling casing to set rock-to-rock well abandonment cement plugs. The tool performs cut out and milling in a single operation.

Single & Dual String | Abrado

Abrado's CSM-1000 is a tool designed to section mill a single string casing or inner string of a multi-string series of casing strings. The CSM-1000 section milling tool is an extremely reliable, hydraulically activated tool. The section mill is simple in design, easy to operate and has an outstanding reputation for milling performance. ...

FISHING TOOLS - OilProduction

4 Intervention, Retrieval, and Recovery NOV Downhole is the manufacturer of Bowen ® Fishing Tools, the world's most respected and reliable fishing tool products in the oil and gas industry for over 85 years. Fishing Tools are utilized in two types of operations.

Casing Section Mill -

Casing Section Mill The "Positive Stop" system on the bottom of each section mill blade stabilizes the cutting blades for higher penetration rates. Tungsten Carbide cutting elements are formed in a "Polygon" shape and incorporate a "chip breaker" to eliminate stringers

Dual-String Section Mill | Weatherford International

The Endura dual-string section mill passes through the restricted ID of the 9 5/8-in. casing string to the open section. Hydraulic stabilizers expand inside the 13 3/8-in. outer casing to centralize the tool. The full-gauge cut-out blades remove approximately 15 ft of …

Reverse section milling method and apparatus - Baker ...

A section milling apparatus for milling of a downhole portion of casing in a well, comprising: a rotatable work string; a hydraulic tensioning device having an upper end and a lower end, said upper end being attachable to said work string, said tensioning device being adapted to selectively pull said lower end upwardly toward said work string ...

Casing Window Milling Kits - BURINTEKH

Casing Window Milling Kits. BURINTEKH offers most effective solutions for window milling in 140, 146, 168, 178 and 245 mm casings and sidetracking in one trip as tool kits Overhead and Overhead Hydro capable to mill a window both with and without cement plug. This considerably decreases well drilling time and cost.

ProMILL Duo™ (Dual Casing Section Mill) - Wellbore Integrity

Significant rig time savings are realized when using the ProMILL Duo in comparison to conventional solutions that require a long, inner string casing to be milled. The high expansion ratio of the ProMILL Duo Section Mill allows it to drift through the inner casing in the retracted state and upon actuation, open up to a larger diameter to mill ...


through this inner casing to the open section. The hydraulic stabilizers expand inside the 13 3/8-in. outer casing string centralizing the tool. The full-gauge cut-out blades with built-in stabilizer cut a window in the casing. On a second trip, milling blades are deployed to mill the remainder of the section needed to prepare the rock-to-rock ...


Lone Star, TX - Mill No. 2 - 2-3/8 to 7 OD ERW Manufacturing Process 10 Lone Star, TX - Mill No. 1 - 7 to 16 OD ERW Manufacturing Process 14 Lorain, OH - Mill No. 3 - 10-1/8 to 26 OD Seamless Manufacturing Process 18 Lorain, OH - Mill No. 4 - 1.900 to 4-1/2 OD Seamless Manufacturing Process 20

New section milling technology designed for restricted IDs ...

The body OD of traditional section mills for 13 3/8-in. casing is 11 1/4 in. Because the tool had to pass through the restricted ID of 10 3/4-in. casing, traditional section milling would not be possible. It was, thus, important to perform a field trial on the new technology being developed. Case Study of Section Milling in Salt Dome Formation

Reduce P&A Cost with Section Milling Technology | SPE/IADC ...

A new undersized section mill with "active stabilization" can be deployed through a restricted-diameter tubular to mill a section of casing string below it with similar performance and reliability of the conventional mill. This new actively stabilized section mill was used to mill a 70-ft. section in 11-3/4 in. casing below a restricted ...

Section mill with multiple cutting blades - MASX Energy ...

A section mill for cutting through well casing, the mill including multiple sets of cutting blades which are selectively engaged to continue cutting operations as blades dull. The cutting blade sets are selectively indexable such that as a first set dulls or fails a succeeding set can be utilized following retraction of the first set.

DRILLSTAR Home - Downhole Equipment, Made in France

Drillstar downhole tools : underreaming, hole opening, milling and fishing equipment. Hard rocks drilling solutions for oilfield and geothermal drilling. Quality machining.


Pioneer CCH series Hydraulic Casing Cutter — data table Cutter Assembly Cutter OD Cutter Length Service Connection Make-Up Torque Tubing Casing Knife Part No Knife Length C/L to tip dressed Knife Sweep 45º dressed Knife Sweep Max Rotary Speed RPM Orifice pressure differential Flow Rate GPM CCH0213 2 1/ 8" 49.0" 920 . 3 1/

Medusa® Technology | Abrado

This breakthrough technology allows operators to section mill windows in the tubing and casing and underream to rock formation, thereby further reducing P&A costs while ensuring positive barrier placement. New Patented design for casing sizes 4 ½" out to 7 5/8" Single or Dual casing string section milling ...